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Thursday, February 17, 2011

DealExtreme Deal of the Week!

I love DealExtreme. They always have crazy gadgets, or a hong kong ripoff of an item. That's why, starting today, I'll be doing the DealExtreme Deal of the week.

This week, I went with someone everyone needs some of: storage. This little box actually has 2 hidden drawers in it. The drawers themselves aren't huge, but they're big enough to hold your secret stash of small swag. I use mine to hold my (Tobacco) pipe, and some dice. Ladies, this is perfect to hold jewelry, or other discrete items.

The only problem: No instructions. So, if you get it in the mail, try to open it, spend an hour trying to do so, and give up, you'll have to go online to look at the solution. A big deal? Absolutely not.

The box itself is incredibly sturdy. My friend and I were trying to pull pieces off and we couldn't, aside from the parts that are supposed to detach for the locking mechanism.

Overall, a fantastic buy for anything you want to keep discrete and hidden in plain sight. It's also not such a bad sight. We keep ours on the coffee table.

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  1. very cool thanks for sharing, i had never herd about that website